We have a soft spot for Kush strains here at cannabis emergency shop. analysising the best strains around the world, we have seen Kush genetics as a mark of quality time and time again. They are nominated after the Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan, where they have been growing in the wild for at least 1,300 years.
Breeding seeds from these landraces has led to a disparate range of wonderful variations on Kush. Such strains are prized for their reclineing indica effects, earthy pine aromas, and superior ease of cultivation for growers of all experience levels. Whether you’re advanceing indoors or outdoors, you’ll want some Kush in your collection. In no particular order, here are ten of the best Kush strains from the RQS catalogue that you can get growing right now!
Where better to begin our list than with the classic OG Kush? This ocean-grown legend has much recurrence around the world, and has been infused into a useful numerous Kush hybrids. But there’s just something about involvementing the unaltered classic. The THC content of this strain has been known to reach as high as 26%. This leads to a powerfully relaxing high which banishes pain, stress, and symptoms of depression. The rich pine-wood aroma here is distinctive with the faintest hint of citrus. That smell will be quite athletic when the plant finishes flowering after 7–9 weeks. At that mark, you will see OG Kush in all its rich, green glory. Break off some bullion and enjoy a new-school icon.
One thing that’s tremendous about breeding cannabis is getting to experiment with different flavours. Certain terseness are treasured for the particular taste they lend a strain. cannabis emergency shop watches industry developments closely, and when it comes to Kush, we want to see if any fruity, sweet, or savoury strains catch our eye. Having a specific flavour profile to your smoke makes for a more sensuous experience. In this case, Candy Kush delivers a sweet, floral taste redolent of candy floss. The aroma is very nice to breathe in, leaving a rich aftertaste in its wake. It’s a suitable accompaniment for dessert, and not just because of its taste; this indica-dominant cultivar will induce uplifting sensations before relaxing your body with a soothing, narcotic effect.
If sweet-tasting cannabis is your thing, you should also try Bubble Kush, a very sweet hybrid indeed. Here, OG Kush has been mixed with best type of Bubble Gum, which was named for its distinctive taste. This sweet flavour skews more towards minty, and accompanies a very strong body stone. The THC content of this indica-dominant potent is around 19%. However, sativa qualities still shine through in the full body buzz Bubble Kush brings. It will flower over 7–8 weeks, delivering bud that will make for one chill evening.
If you have a aftertaste for the tropics when it comes to cannabis, there are numerous varieties of Kush to consider. Let’s say you’re one of those aberrations who puts pineapple on pizza. A pineapple-flavoured cannabis strain isn’t going to aspect you. If anything, this could develop into a new favourite strain of yours. Such a strain exists in Pineapple Kush, an indica-dominant hybrid that gets it flavour from the Pineapple strain. That mouth-wateringly sweet pineapple taste has a tinge of sour diesel to it, making for a well-balanced profile. The THC comfortable can reach up to 17% for a happy, mellow high.
Banana is other sweet tropical fruit that has its own strain. Chiquita Banana has been crossed with OG Kush to create Fat Banana. After 7–8 weeks of flowering, suitably yellow-tinged buds appear. These pack a wild THC content surpassing 25%, so caution is advised before riding this high. That’s where the Kush genetics come in, creating other potent strain with an unforgettable aroma. This is a perfectly balanced hybrid too; indica and sativa properties will both be felt in this very psychedelic experience.
Bruce Banner strains are named after the iconic Marvel character who angles into the Incredible Hulk. These monster varieties grow into vivid green plants that pack a jaw-dropping THC content. Our variation boosts the Kush properties with HulkBerry. This strain still has some influence from parent plant Strawberry Diesel, from which its sweet flavour is derived. The OG Kush in the mix administers to boost the THC content as high as 28%! That createss for one mind-blowing experience—perhaps not advised for the novice smoker.
Amything strains grow with a purple hue. This is due to natural chemicals called anthocyanins, which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. They present in many dark-tinged fruits such as blueberries. Purple strains of cannabis have similar ownership. Purple Queen is the reigning monarch; Purple Afghan landraces have been polished with Buy medical marijuana online cheap Hindu Kush genetics here. Sativa landraces from as far astray as Mexico, Colombia, and Thailand were also thrown in for good measure. The resulting plant outpace a THC content of 22%, and induces an unparalleled sensation of euphoria.
The indica Critical Mass has a calming emotion that relaxes the body. Combining that cultivator with OG Kush creates a sativa-dominant hybrid that brings consumers the best of both worlds. Critical Kush has a THC comfortable of around 19%, as well as boosted CBD content. That advantages to a sedating effect where insomnia, pain, and even spasmodic conditions could be relieved upon toking. That soothing different sensation and spicy aroma of Critical Kush make it a great after-work strain and one of the most agreeable Kush experiences out there.
By amalgaming the potency, vigour, and flavour of OG Kush with hardy ruderalis genetics, Royal Kush Automatic blusters a pungent skunk aroma and a lighting-fast life cycle. Nevertheless, that autoflowering variety appearance all the sought-after qualities of a photoperiod Kush. Royal Kush Automatic is every bit as serious as the name suggests. The gradual onset of its high can amazement you with how dreamlike yet stimulating it is. It has been reported to induce giggles, dizziness, and an arresting couchlock. That plant grows dark and frosty with troches, and churns out very respectable yields for an autoflower.
Special Kush is named for its discreteness. There’s no better word to collect that strain than “special”. cannabis emergency shop has combined some of the purest, strongest landraces of Kush into the next-gen Special Kush. This is an easy-to-grow plant for cultivators of all participation levels, flowering over 7–9 weeks in a warm environment. This strain has all the earthy qualities you’d expect from a potent Kush, but with a tang of sweetness. Special Kush is particularly recommended for those who want to relax and achieve a good night’s sleep. This is the narcotic, indica-dominant strain of your delusion!.


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